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  • Donna Frasca

10 Ways To Realize You Are Experiencing An Energy Shift

There are times in your life when you just feel “different” or sense that you've experienced some kind of awakening or change. I'm going to write about 9 ways that are tell tale signs you are in or experiencing an energy shift.

Do you feel you're in an energy shift?

An Energy Shift is different different than a Spiritual Awakening. I can write a small novel on all the signs that you are becoming awake but here, I'm going to take it up a notch and tell you about energy shifts.

Briefly, a Spiritual Awakening is when everything in life is all unicorns and lolly pops and you're on a big NAMASTE ride. You have your crystals, cards, oils and you go out and hug a tree on a daily basis.

I just stereo typed a Spiritual Awakening in a humorous way, hope you are smiling about now because it was meant to be funny.

Now an Energy Shift is a bit different. It's all part of the NAMASTE ride as I say but on a much deeper yet simpler way. Let's dig right in and talk about some of the ways you can tell you're experiencing a shift.


I look at all the things I have in my life and yes I am blessed to have what I have however, I now feel I don't need most of it. Yes this has to do with #2 which is clearing but this goes deeper. Less just makes me happier. I'm very content to stay in a quiet house and just work on simple projects like cleaning the house, cooking, reading, painting, almost like I'm nesting. This is where I hear you say “oh she's just getting old." Don't get me wrong, I live on the wild side on the weekends but I find myself gravitating towards wanting to go to parks or visit places that aren't so crowded and yes, crowds are getting to be unbearable. The things that used to thrill me just shifted. It seems I enjoy “space” as in blending with sprit, more so that being or going to a destination. Crazy hard to explain but it's like my body and my mind are forcing me towards a change. Let's talk about it some more.


It's called Spring cleaning but here again, it's way more than just having a garage sale. It's looking at the things in your life and realizing that you don't need all that stuff. It's having a feeling that someone else can use it way more than you do. I'm not saying get rid of everything in your home but I'm a firm believer that if you didn't use it, wear it or want it in the last year, you don't need it. Cleaning the home also changes up the energy. Everything is energy and everything changes in life. Moving things around in your home does this. It gives it a lighter energy when you get rid of clutter. Be sure to open your windows and set your intentions to move out old, stagnant energy as you push it out the window. As you are now living a new energy shift, you may also gravitate towards lighter colors. Lighter colors are less dense than darker colors. This is all about lightening/lifting up both physically and spiritually. It's also not just clearing the house it's clearing the mind, body and spirit. It's releasing decades of fluff that's been there long enough. Like cleaning the closet, when you take out an outfit that doesn't fit anymore, you now have space to fill it with something that fits.


Now this is similar to #2, clearing and cleaning. It's releasing the things in your life that get you aggravated. I recently have noticed several Light-Workers are leaving social media because they want to “life” instead of being hypnotized in front of a computer. There is a reason for this and again, it's about the energy. It has shifted within and what once was ok to sit for hours at a time in front of the computer now no longer resonates with the body or mind. Now, the body craves more energy, movement and stimulation. The new energy body cannot be stagnant, it cannot be still. Here, the mind also has gone through a major and I mean major shift. It feels content with letting go and there is no guilt whatsoever in doing so. Letting go of friends or acquaintances that just don't resonate with your beliefs or frequency. It's having the mindset to release all the family shadows that you've been holding in your heart for decades upon decades. When we release heavier emotions that reside in the heart, the heart now becomes healthy, balanced and lighter.

4. CONNECTION TO SPIRIT. This is so important when talking about these shifts. It's not about religion and I haven't been in a Church for a good 10 years now. It's a knowing that our Source is within us and we don't need to go to a building to experience this concept. This is what I mean when I say "blending with Spirit", it is a connection with self and the energy that is literally within and around us 24/7. This connection, as compared to just a Spiritual Awakening, is more than a “oh a feather” or “I found a penny and it's a sign” or “I see sparkles around me” or even “I keep seeing 111, 222, 333, 444.” All that in itself is wonderful and yes, they are signs from our Angels. However, our Angels are not going to keep giving us the same messages over and over and over again if we don't listen, grow or act on those messages. I'm not saying it's bad but the point of our growth is to GROW. If you don't move on and 'get it' you may come to a plateau and it stops there. If you open your heart and mind and move forward, you will get beyond this stage and into an energy shift made for you. This is also being part of the 5th dimension and a new consciousness. It's a space, a way of thinking, not a place.

5 - TRUST. This is one element that my Angels told me would be the most challenging to do. As we receive messages from Spirit, (the Universe, Source, Angels, whatever you want to call it) and we keep doubting, we are creating blocks in our mind, body and spirit. I so understand that doubt is the first thing that comes to mind when I see a flash, bright lights or colors, an image that looked like a person, an animal or an angel right before my eyes. "That can't be what I think it was?" How many of you have said that or just chalked it up to coincidence or 'just a thing' or maybe there's something in your eye? I can tell you this, THAT is how Mediums see and receive the spirit world. They are CONSTANTLY trying to connect with us but we keep chalking it off and putting it on the back burning instead of addressing it. I can tell you this, once you realize that these experiences are actually tests in your trust, you doors and windows will open for you and quickly at that. I remember back in 2014 when SO many coincidences were happening in my life. I took out my Angel cards and asked what was going on and do you know which card I pulled? You got it! The TRUST card. Believe it or not that information was not good enough for me, I had to test spirit and pull more cards. I remember one day I asked spirit, "If this is what I'm suppose to do with my life and trust, show me the TRUST card one more time." I shuffled and shuffled and shuffled then drew a card. Guess which one it was? The TRUST card! I screamed out loud and was frightened and elated all at the same time. I now trust not 100% but 110% - always.

6 - NATURE. Who knows better than Mother Nature? She's been around for a long, long time and gets it. What do I mean? Signs. We all notice signs around us such as cloud formations that look like Angels, animals or people. We feel breezes when we are thinking of our passed loved ones. We see those butterflies, dragonflies and lady bugs at THEE precise moments in time and just know we've made the connection to spirit via nature. And adding the most important element in Nature are the moon phases. So many and I mean SO many people are affected by these moon phases and it's for a reason. Mother Nature is grabbing us by our emotional and yes sometimes physical strings to get our attention. Pay attention to how you feel during these moon phases and learn from them. Everything we experience is a lesson to be learned. This is how spirit connects with us. Listen. Observe. Grow.

7 - SENSITIVITY. I bet most of you are already nodding in agreement with this one! Oh we've become hyper-sensitive during these energy shifts. Touchy, touchy, touchy right? It's a challenge to be in crowds, go to parties or even to the store when we have to stand in line and pass through all the energy cords of the people standing there before us. Sure there are ways to block out some of these feelings by not absorbing someone else's stuff but that doesn't always work well. By adding all your crystals, oils and rituals sure, that does help along with the salt bath at night but what a production to go through every time we leave the house! So how do we get over this hurdle from the energy shifts? We ask our Angels what to do. I did just that a few months ago and got an answer that made so much sense. In a nutshell, they told me to wear an aquamarine necklace. This will symbolize water and all the “stuff” that is out there for me to soak up, will just roll off my aura like water. Makes amazing sense right? Well this too may work for you but definitely ask your Angels, they may have something special in store just for you.!

8 -CONTENTMENT. With ALL these changes does come contentment, like sipping on a nice hot cup of green tea or cuddling in bed with a ton of soft blankets, you get the picture. As these new experiences, and again they are way more than just a Spiritual Awakening, set in your mind, body and spirit makes the adjustments it needs to and in the timeframe it needs to. Good things come to those who wait as the say so none of this will have overnight, in a week or in a month. It takes time and if Spirit sees you trying to rush this process, trust me when I tell you they will bring you to a screeching halt until you let go of your ego and let things unfold as they need to.

9 - BODY CARE - Now I don't know if this is just me but I did notice a few changes over the past few months. I can't find a food that I like, two sips of alcohol get me looped (but doesn't stop me from enjoying happy hour) and I need my house super cool. Not I'm on going through the changes, that's done. I feel my body and its needs are changing, I just have to find it's comfort zone. This I have a feeling will be an ongoing process till the end of my days. As my spiritual self changes, my poor physical body will need to keep up. Now this is just a thought ... I wonder if the day my body catches up to my soul, will I will ascend 100%? Yes, I believe so.

10 - FAITH. It seems that the 9 points I've mentioned above are really kind of basic, nothing earth shattering right? However, the difference in all these experiences is how it feels. You can experience all these on many levels but when you get to the one level, the ah-ha level, THAT is when you'll feel the difference between just an awakening and experiencing an energy shift.

  • You'll experience things and sure there will be many coincidences but instead of running to your spooky friends and bragging all about it, you'll just accept it and take it in.

  • There will be no need to brag about all your amazing testimonials on social media because you'll be beyond that. You know that you now have an awesome connection to spirit and that the people who are meant to use your gifts will find you.

  • There'll be no running to a fake numbers sight on Google to see what 444 means because deep inside you feel what it means and know how to apply it to your life.

  • Your dreams will tell you stories and deep down you will retain that information because someday when you just happen to know something, that'll be your higher self pulling that dream info out for you to use.

  • Most of all, you now trust your journey, are relaxed about where you're going and most of all, you now have faith that everything you do, experience and live is for a very specific reason. You are now walking WITH spirit, blended together, instead of following meaningless experiences and questioning them. You have ascended just a little bit more and it feels good, deep down in your heart chakra good. Keep going, there is more for you to come but there is no rush to get there. It comes with ease.

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