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  • Donna Frasca

I Have Really Bad Anxiety In My Gut. What Is The Best Way To Handle This?

Sounds like your Solar Plexus (the yellow one just above your navel) needs a little TLC. This is probably the chakra that most people work with to keep in balance but don't fret, it's easy to do.

First of all I'd meditate today and get your head clear followed by a nice, hot salt bath tonight to detox. Drop a bit of Lemongrass essential oil in the tub as well. Now to balance your Solar Plexus, start by focusing on anything yellow or gold, from food to clothes to crystals.

Affirmations to say:

  • I choose to move forward in life.

  • I am strong in my personal power today.

  • I am proud of myself.

  • I am confident.

  • I welcome joy in my life.

This should help 💛

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