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  • Donna Frasca

Dream Interpretation: What Does It Mean When I See My Cat Run Away?

So much will naturally manifest if we just listen to the messages we get. Our dreams give us message nightly but are we paying attention to them? What do you see? What images? How does your dream feel? What colors do you see? All these factors are very important when you're trying to figure out what your dreams mean. Here is one I had the other day about my cat running away.

The other day I had a dream that my cat Annie escaped her travel cage as we were taking a road trip. She ran away so fast and headed for a racetrack ... and she was gone.

What does this mean? Dream interpretation is a puzzle at times but like readings, if you break down each image you see you'll find out what your message is. Here's mine:

I am the cat. I was in the cage, confined in a travel bound car. I found my way out and ran for a new found freedom.

• The traveling car symbolized my journey going somewhere. • The cat (me) in the cage (waiting) escaped and ran (found my focus) • The racetrack is a clear message that I am running to a fast paced direction and I'm all in and not looking back.

This dream SO resonated with me!!!

SPOILER: I'll be doing more of these dream interpretations in my group. Keep an eye out for events to come and be sure to join my Angel Huggers group on Facebook.

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