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  • Donna Frasca

Mediumship Notes: How A Medium Should Speak With Spirit

Mediumship is about love not validation. Connecting with the Spirit world is saying "I'm here for you. What do you want to say to your loved ones? I'm here for you to convey that message for you."

So many Mediums get hung up on “getting the the facts” such as age, name and how they died. Keep in mind that the people, yes people, on the other side want to TALK. They have messages to convey to their loved ones. THAT is what Mediumship is about, love not facts.

It's up to the spirit person to give all the facts that THEY feel are important, not for the Medium to demand them. For example, how you like if you saw someone that you haven't seen in decades and the first five minutes was spent like this:

  • Where have you been?

  • What are you doing now?

  • Where do you live?

  • What health ailments do you have?

  • Are you sick?

  • Are you happy?

  • Tell me ...

  • Show me...

  • How did you ...

Drill, drill, drill, demands, demands, demands. Not good.

These are all questions that sure, we'd like answers to but how about having this conversation instead:

  • Thank you for taking time out and talking to me today!

  • I'm happy to see you!

  • Share how you're feeling with me today.

Feel the different in these two conversations? One is from ego trying to get validation and the other comes from the soul, the heart. That's what it's about.

Remember, Spirt are people, not energies or a presence, people.

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