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  • Donna Frasca

What Do I See When I Do A Reading?

One of the things I love about being a Psychic Medium is my gift of Clairvoyance. It's the ability so see beyond what the normal eye can perceive.

I want to share with you an excerpt from just one of the many Angel readings I've done.

“Before I pull cards in readings, I first connect with your Spirit Team and ask them to show me what it is that you need to know - they are now just telling me that you have a very big heart and will be helping and healing with that love you have! This may be done by Reiki or healing through writing via a blog that you have or will have.

You put so much burden on yourself trying to figure out your gifts, it’s a weight on your shoulders that’s constantly there but can be weighing you down over time. Your Angels don’t want you to carry that on your shoulders, they want to help you and show you your wonderful, intuitive path that you are currently walking on.

So when I connected with them, I saw a ROAD which is your Spiritual path. Ironically, on part of that road I saw a CHURCH (symbolic for Spiritual) and a CAR (symbolic for moving or getting to it quickly.) This is exciting for you but I also saw a WAVE which means it’s going to start quickly (if it hasn’t already - I’m sure you are getting those synchronicities often am I right?) and may be overwhelming for you. Either you can ride the wave with ease or be overwhelmed from its weight. BUT, your Spiritual path is NOT the one that will be your weight but the other life duties you have of everyday living such as jobs, work, family and trying to balance all that.

I also saw GLASSES which to me is your Clairvoyance. This seems like this will be your biggest gift ...”

... and the reading went on with more visuals and messages.

All these images flow in within the first 10 minutes of a reading and I write everything down as quickly as possible. I trust what I see because it comes from Angels.

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