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A Night Spent With My Passed Grandmothers

Ok wow! What a night filled with Spirit! I usually don't post this much but this blog also doubles as my diary so I SO need to record what happened tonight.

My previous post was about how my Grandmother Led Me To Her Doily and if that wasn't amazing enough, I got a visit from my other passed Grandmother.

I've always saw visits from my Grandmother A, that I just wrote about but I often wondered why I never heard from my other Grandmother who passed many, many years ago. Well tonight, she came in with a snack!

Just today in my Angel Huggers group in Facebook I wrote this announcement:

"Dear Angels,

As we are now in the Spring season (for most here) and the moon is 99.9% full, I feel guided to follow my energy.I have slowly been evolving more towards Mediumship and with all the facets in my journey, that is going to be my focus. I've been blending with and listening to Spirit for months now and based on how I feel and how my Spiritual path is unfolding, now is the time to shift. The downloads that I received last November and December physically and emotionally nearly took me down but they were VERY powerful and that energy has now embodied me in mind, body and spirit.You may have noticed that many Lightworkers are changing or making a shift as well and that is no coincidence. I can't speak for the others but for myself, have gone through an accelerated Spiritual experience since 2014. Now is the time to focus and connect more with self, life, people, earth and Spirit. I've been getting TONS of signs for the past few weeks but was waiting for the right moment to commit to my calling and that time is now.This group will remain open and please share among yourselves. I'll be here to watch and answer any questions that you may have. I'll be posting mostly on my business page and that link is here in the group. I've been seeing and feeling many Spirits and I feel they want to communicate with me so again, that will be my focus.This is perfect timing for me as my last child leaves the nest and I have my life and my house 100% to myself, with hubs of course, so I have to readjust my focus to that as well.As a "Creative Clairvoyant" I've been seeing so many images and many of them I've painted. This one in particular is meant for me and was the final sign that I am growing in another direction with Spirit and cannot wait.Having said all that, please know that you can reach me here or on my website at www.AngelHug234.com or my business facebook page, Donna Frasca: Psychic Medium, Creative Clairvoyant. Love you all

Good right? Now the thing about the Spirit world is that THEY HEAR YOU!

Once I put this in writing the deal was sealed because tonight, just hours after I posted that on Facebook, I got visits from BOTH my Grandmothers. Ok so read the link I have about about my Grandmother and the doily.

Read it? Ok, now this is what happened shortly after that.

I was in awe that I connected so easily with my Grandmother and that I found her doily. I go to the living room and put the TV on and Tyler Henry of all people was on so I watched his show for a bit.