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  • Donna Frasca

Grandma Led Me To Her Doily

As I was thinking about where I've been and where I'm going in my life, I was doing some spring cleaning in the house today. I find that cleaning the house settles my mind and is actually a form of meditation for me since my mind basically goes blank, after all, what's so exciting about cleaning the house right? Boring stuff.

I was in the dining room and said to myself that I was going to put out Grandmas china because there's no sense having it stuffed away in the cabinet where nobody can see it or use it so out on the table it went. The table looked great and then I noticed something was missing, Grandmas doilies. They sure would look good on the table but I remember giving them away to GoodWill a few years back because doilies didn't go with the decor of my home. I had doilies on my mind today and could kick myself for not keeping just one of Grandmas doilies just to remind me of her.

Now I'm in the kitchen putting dishes away, another boring but meditative time for me. I found a green necklace from St Patricks day on the counter and wanted to put it in the bar with all the other drinking memorabilia. I walked up to the bar and there it was - one of Grandmas doilies! It's been there for years and I just never gave it a second thought, it was hidden in plain sight.

Here is a perfect example of how, when we think of our passed loves ones, they always hear us. They let us know that they are with us. They make events happen in the moment, that we call coincidences, that just happen to fit into what we were thinking. I'm telling you guys, there is no such thing as coincidences. They, Spirit, hear us and help us. So my Grandmother led me downstairs to the kitchen to find the green necklace that needed to go into the bar to find her doily.

You can't make this stuff up. Thank you Grandma, I love you 💚

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