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  • Donna Frasca

Energy Notes for March 15th: We Are About To Change From Water To Wood

A we are about to leave the winter season, we will also be leaving the WATER Element behind. Like winter, some of our gifts lie dormant but as spring approaches, it's time to renew and grow them!

The moon is now in Cancer and if you're like me, you love reaching within and learning about self. We are homebodies for sure! Keep in mind, the Cancer person is EXTREMELY sensitive!! Now is the time to be gentle with your thoughts and don't rush into anything. As weekend approaches, get out of the home and enjoy the on goings! We are intuitive dreamers but keep balance in mind and have fun!

The element for spring is WOOD. This is awesome and like you, has the potential to grow in many directions. Ground yourself strongly so as you thrive, you'll reach new heights, new potentials.

Are you ready for Spring? I am! Have a great weekend 💚

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