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  • Donna Frasca

How Fast Can A Psychic Medium Connect With The Spirit World?

For me, seconds. Now when I say “Spirit,” this includes ALL energies from connecting with passed loved ones, animals, nature, and even energies of people who are still living. Energy is energy, it just changes form much like water changes to ice.

Last night I was going to a friend’s house, which is a 15 drive from my house. She is not a friend that I knew from decades ago, I met her in 2014 and time separated us, but we reunited just last year. This is not a lot of time to get to know anyone, but it’s one of those times where I feel like I had her in my life, well for a lifetime. It’s one fo those soul connections.

As I was driving to her home last night, it was her birthday eve, and I wanted to give a gift to her. Not sure what made me think of it, but I chatted with the Spirit Realm and told them, “I’m going to Cindy’s house, so if anyone has anything to say to her now is the time. Let me know.”

No sooner did I say that (in my head) I heard “John.” That was noted. I had no idea who John was, but it’s not my place to know that. I’m just the messenger.

I then saw man’s arms extended with hands out like I have designed in the graphic. I’ve seen this symbol from Spirit before, and it means to give a message. Keeping in mind that this is just a 15 minute and at this point a 2-minute ride to my destination, I asked “John” what this means?

I heard from John, “A carriage of gold.” I saw a beautiful image of what looked like Cinderella’s coach that was all gold and shiny.

Again, I have no idea who John is or what this message means, nor did I have time to dig any deeper. I would see Cindy in a few minutes and will give this message to her and hope it makes sense to her.

Since I don’t know her background, family, or even experience all that well being reasonably new friends and all, I didn’t realize that John is her Dad. I say IS because he is still alive.

I gave her the message, and it was a head-scratcher to her. She doesn’t know what it means yet.

As she gathers with her family this weekend for a milestone birthday, I have a feeling that by the time she returns from her week celebrations with out of state family, she may know.

In the title of this post, I wrote “Psychic Medium” because I believe this is a psychic message, not a Mediumship one. Being that her Dad is still alive and there is a message here, this, to me, feels like it’s yet to happen.

If it were a Mediumship message, it would be from a person that has passed.

I’m excited to see how this message unfolds. Time will tell.

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