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  • Donna Frasca

Journal Post: How Is Mediumship Like a Meatloaf?

This blog also doubles as my journal, you're welcome to hear my thoughts for today.

As I start to gather thoughts in my head I notice that it's March 1st and the time is 1:11. If that is not confirmation for the thought that was in my head, I don't know what is.

I've been doing a lot of thinking, heavy thinking since this past November. I've been hit really hard with downloads, almost as if Spirit crammed a lifetime into just a few months. Like packing 10 pounds of baloney in a 5 pound sack, I can tell you that it's been difficult.

My mind races, my insights have grown very strong and my sensitivity has gone through the roof.

It's taken me a while to process all that I've been given and that I see. When I say "see" I mean clairvoyantly, to have 'clear seeing.'

I look at my path from when I started seeing spirit in my early 20's to now, in my 57th year, and try to focus as I look at the world beyond my four walls.

I can see, feel and just know stuff that I never before thought I could. I ask myself about the projects I've done in the past such as classes, readings, paintings, card reading, card designs, chakra readings, animal communication, lucid dreaming, astral projection- all the stuff that once was new and fascinating has now become my norm.

Don't get me wrong, it's still fascinating beyond what I've every imagined but it's now an everyday thing for me. It's like working at Dunkin Donuts, the first week you think you have the best job in the world but shortly there after, it's just part of your life, still awesome but just will be there everyday.

As I scroll through Facebook and see names, I see their story, I feel their situations and know where they are in life. That is called Claircognizance which translates to "clear knowing."

So much to say but for today, I'll just say this. Last night as I was lying in bed listening to a podcast I reviewed my life and where it's going. That is a HUGE discovery but now, I have to start from square one and focus on this new found information.

I was listening to a well known and I mean a WELL KNOWN Medium. I don't want to mentions names.

As I was listening to the podcast, people would call in and get read. The Medium would picked up on the callers energy and connected with their passed loved ones just by knowing their name and hearing their voice on the phone. Then the reading would begin.

Just for shits and giggles I wanted to practice. I too connected with the caller and took notice of what I picked up on. Long story short, because I was listening to podcasts and was connected to that energy, I picked up on the same thing the UK Medium did but there was a difference.

I know every Medium has their own style, their own gifts and their own way of doing readings. Like a finger print, we are all different but in a nutshell, Mediumship readings have a certain protocol.

Super stoked that I picked up on the SAME stuff as the UK Medium I noticed a difference. One of the elements of doing Mediumship readings is to give evidence and details that only the sitter would know. So this Medium did just that.

The podcast progressed and I started scratching my head. The Medium was trying to go in detail of describing a room, a book, jewelry, a house, car whatever. I sensed frustration from the sitter, the one getting the reading. She kept asking "What is my message from ..." All she wanted to hear was SOMETHING from her passed loved one. She did not want to hear about how her dead Aunt had a special clock in her bedroom on the dresser, although that's impressive information, she wanted to hear from her dead husband. I also know that the spirit that has the strongest message will come through so it may not be her husband.

Now I know presenting that type of detail is important because if you can do that, then the information you get from Spirit will be nailed and trusted from the sitter. However, and this is just what I do, I would rather provide and hear from Spirit MORE than hearing the details of another time or place. Kinda like making a meat loaf and using 80/20 meat, 80% details and messages from Spirit and 20% evidential details.

Go S.L.O.W. not rushed like an interrogation. I felt the reading I was listening to was way too fast, like just drinking super strong coffee on an empty stomach fast. Connect, listen to spirit, feel spirit then deliver that message, that image and build from there. BUT, do it with ease, love and a sense of calmness.

“Speaking with spirit is way different than speaking to our friends. Spirit crams a lot of information in a really short amount of time which is whey they use images. It's a quick guide to summarize what they want to say but then the Medium has to work really hard to figure it out.”

This is, Meatloaf Mediumship! 80/20.

Whew. Since all this information is becoming clearer to me I journal because it's pretty darn important.

I've been telling Spirit "I'M READY TO BE A MEDIUM NOW. I have my training, my experiences, my clairs are good to go, my chakras are in check, I don't want to wait any longer. Please show me!" I mean I'm already a Medium I just want it to be my main focus and take it up a few notches.

I heard "Are you sure?" I've been seeing odd images from the corner of my eyes just waiting to become up front and center. This has been happening more so than usual.

"Yes I'm sure, I signed up for this."

I've also been hearing from Spirit "Dive deep into Mediumship." So now, that's going to be my focus.

As I sit my my power and mesh with the Spirit world, I'm getting clarity. I hear "How are you going to go about this?" Angels or our Guides, will NEVER tell us what to do but will certainly guide us. It's all about free will.

I've decided to use my strongest gift and bring it up front and center. This is my Clairvoyance. My focus is my eyes, my 3rd eye to be exact. Will I be doing Mediumship readings? Oh hell yeah and they will be my go to gift, I can just feel it.

The thing is, and I said this earlier, every one is different. For me, I see more with my eyes closed, this I know.

I have much to learn now that I have a confirmed direction. I have much to experience since now I have a goal. But I'm ready to get my meatloaf on, because I've been guided, and I choose this.

Life is about balance. If we don't have our down time or our "20%" of going off the diet so to speak, than our 80% will not be good.

Does this make sense? Yes I'm comparing Mediumship to meatloaf. I'm 80% full throttle yet my 20% of recharging, downloading and just being is crucial to my well being.

Thank you for listening.

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