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  • Donna Frasca

Why Re-Read Reviews and Testimonials?

Sometimes we all get lost in our thoughts. We can be our worst enemy right? Some of the things that stay in our mind are things that we'd rather not dwell on or wish that there were better things to remember. These are called “plateaus” and are a very normal part of life.

What's great to do is remember the amazing things you do in life and hold those thoughts near. For me, it's the results I've gotten from my readings. These are them memories that I like to relive during a “quiet time.”

“It was a true pleasure and a privilege to be able to have a reading with Donna. She is a kind and caring person with a big heart. I felt as if we were sitting around the table talking with my deceased loved ones. From the very first sentence about my grandfather, she blew me away with the accuracy of the information she received from him. Donna brought to me comforting messages of validations, love and support from my family and detailed memories of my childhood growing up.”

You can read more of my testimonials on the top of this blog in the tab.

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