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  • Donna Frasca

Energy Notes for February 18th: Everything I Start Today Will Be Successful

I am the first one to admit that I have some serious fun on the weekends. My posts on Facebook this week were of restaurants, breweries and friends. Life is good!

Having said that, we all must keep in mind that life is about balance. What do you do to balance your life? Are you all work no play? All play no work?

I like to review what I did in a week. This week for example it went from doing Heart Chakra readings to enjoying friends at the local watering hole. Now that's a BIG sweep from Spiritual work to self love.

All these things in life are important. We must find the sweet spot in life where we can feel that we've touched on things that we need to do and things that we want to do in life, this is balance. We don't always have control in life for most things but we do have control in life for the things we love and enjoy. This is how we find that balance.

For example, if you feel your job stinks and you are frustrated 9-5, make your time after 5pm what YOU want. • Cook what you want • go to a restaurant you like • visit family or friends • watch your favorite TV show • play with the kids • play with the pets • go work out • talk to a friend on the phone for an hour • go shopping • read a book • write a book • meditate and the list goes on and on.

I have a TON of projects from painting to writing my book. If I don't like one project, I'm not going to sit and mope about it I'll move onto another. You can't sit and wait for you life to be amazing, you have to work on that.

What is all this about? The moon energy of course - my favorite thing to talk about.

Leo is up front and center today so it's the perfect time to tap into your Solar Plexus and get yourself in the grove. Tap into your lion and get yourself going.

As we get into the full moon tomorrow, now is the time to get your self in gear and make that move. Make the changes you've been wanting since the last New Moon. Your future is YOUR responsibility. If you don't like something change it. Life is not perfect but it's as perfect as we allow it to be.

Focus on the illumination of the moon to light your path - this is symbolic of course but I know for a fact, it's easier to work WITH the universe than against her. The full moon is THEE time to get your intentions moving forward. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain as they say right?

So find that sweet spot in life called balance. Try new things and set your bar high.

Mantra for today: “Everything I start today will be successful.”

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