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  • Donna Frasca

Is It Possible To Connect To The Energy Of A Car?

Spirit is amazing. I had a reading the other day and it was a Coffee Ground reading combined with an Intuitive reading. What I discovered first hand, was amazing.

The name “Henry” came in and here I am thinking it's a passed loved one but find out from the sitter that it was a car! The sitters Mom named their family car Henry. Now I've connected to many energies in the past from people to animals but this is a first that I connected with an inanimate object. There's a lot of loving, family energy in and associated with that car in order for me to tap into that.

Pretty darn amazing. This is a perfect example of ALWAYS trust what you see when you do readings and NEVER filter anything out. Every detail, every word and symbol means something.

Don't believe this? Keep in mind EVERYTHING is energy even this old, beautiful chunky car that has a lifetime of energy in it.

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