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  • Donna Frasca

Channeled Paintings: When Spirit Shows You What To Paint

As a "creative clairvoyant" I see many images. I say creative because I'm also an artist. It really comes in handy being able to paint what I see in my head and this painting, was clearly channeled by Spirit.

As I started my day, grabbed my canvas, my paints and my brushes I already saw colors in my head. Those colors made up the background of this painting.

After the colors were in I then saw circles, like geometric shapes that are very typical of the presence of Archangel Metatron. I smiled as I was placing those circles, I almost felt his hand on mine, guiding the placement.

Interestingly enough I heard “Voices of 1,000 Souls” and again chuckled because I realized that they've just given me the title of my painting. Voices? How's that going to look?

I then felt the need to add a sprinkle of purple glitter and a splash of white star like dots across the entire canvas. At that point I stepped back and waited for my next instructions.

Butterflies! Add butterflies!

Each butterfly represents the voice of a passed soul. So I added as many butterflies as I could, different shapes, sizes and colors, just like people.

I closed my eyes and saw these beautiful, translucent white hands, like Angel hands. The hands were releasing more butterflies, more souls. It felt very Angelic painting that by the way.

The painting felt nearly done. I looked at it and waited for more instructions. Was there anything else I need to add?

A bird. Not just any bird but a cardinal. The cardinal is symbolic for connecting earth to the spirit world. This is why when some of our loved ones pass, we are excited to see the cardinal because it often connects them to us, like an Angel sign.

So the last element was adding the cardinal and that completed the painting, This painting was finished in just a few hours. It has high energy and a feeling of love that connects us with all the ones who transitioned to the other side.

I love being a Spiritual painter! These are one-of-a-kind keepsakes with Angelic energy.

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