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  • Donna Frasca

The Air Element Is To Intellect Like Archangel Raphael Is To Healing

We now are in the New Moon phase and in Aquarius, you should be feeling a sense of inner freedom and openness.

Like a wisp of fresh air, your thoughts come and go with ease and lightness because now, we are in the Element of Air with an underlining Water Element from Aquarius. Air is to intellect like Archangel Raphael is to healing. This is the time to bring in joyful thoughts and ideas while still keeping them at bay.

These Angel Insights card designed by Donna Frasca

The Aquarian can be a deep thinker and has a strong sense of intuition. This is the time for you to shine as you tap into those thoughts of the Air Element. Both these elements are front and center now and together, are very strong.

Similar to the winds of change, energies can be unpredictable and change from moment to moment. The New Moon is the perfect time to tap into your mind and get your thoughts activated but keep them at that, just thoughts for now.

Change can be scary and our thoughts can get the best of us. This is the optimal time to call in Archangel Raphael and ask for full body healing.

Full body? Yes and why not? We all need healing for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well being. This is something that we can ask of Raphael daily but like I always say, our intentions are stronger when we work WITH the moon phases.


Tap into self at this time. Use your Rose Quartz crystal and Malachite if you have it when you meditate. Wear these crystals as jewelry throughout the day to keep the connection strong.

I'd also work with feathers, wind instruments if you play one and focus on the smoke rising as you burn your incense. This all has to do with connection to the Air Element.

A major part of healing, at least for me, is self forgiveness. No one is perfect and we all say and do things what we wish we can take back. BUT ... are we being harder on ourselves than we need to be? Don't beat yourself up and second guess yourself, you are not always the bad guy but for those thoughts (Air Element) that keep blowing in your mind, blow them right back out. Ask Archangel Raphael to wrap his healing energies around you can release those feelings of inadequacies.

Blow it out, release.

Blow it out, release.

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