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  • Donna Frasca

Do Things Really Happen For A Reason?

Oh, that saying “things happen for a reason” and “we were meant to meet” I want to say is so overused but never has two phrases been so spot on.

It just amazes me how one minute you’re home playing dominoes, and the next minute you’re out meeting people and pushing your Spiritual life forward. Or is Spirit pushing your life forward?

If you stop and notice the events that happen in your day, do you see a pattern? Do you stop and think that “wow, this day was interesting, and if you asked me this morning what I was going to do today, I would have said the usual.” The usual?

In my 57th year of life, I’ve realized that there will never be any more “usuals” because my path won’t allow that. Life will happen when I least expect it, and I will embrace it and not question it because … things happen for a reason.

The people we meet today are here to set us up for our tomorrow because there is a bigger plan in mind. Go with it. Do it. Feel it. Live it.

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