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  • Donna Frasca

Inside The Mind Of A Medium

As I’m tapping deeper into the Spirit world to connect and learn, I’m feeling that the true power resides in us. There are MANY levels of this awareness and it’s a difficult journey to find that level which feels right with our own energy. What I’m also finding is that when that “level” is found it bumps against other levels which happens to be that of the people around us. They say this journey is a lonely one and that it is but, and I say BUT, the presence of Source and Spirit feels like no other and it fills the soul. Life is complicated but listening to your authentic self will help ease.

My role as Medium is constantly changing as it should. Anything or anyone that finds them self in the same place year after year after year is not growing. We all grow at different rates which is fine but when one’s growth is measurably fast, it’s a challenge to keep up. I’m talking about my journey. This blog also doubles as a journal so today, I’m going to share with you a peek inside my mind, my feelings.

I don’t think I mentioned it here but through the alignment of the stars, moon, planets, colors and how the wind blows, I’m finally going to write a book about my journey and how it started. It will be called #FromColorToTheCosmos: Inside The Mind Of A Medium. You can search that hashtag on Facebook, Instagram and cyber space and see it there. I created that hashtag because it represents me to the T.

I do have several groups both closed and public on Facebook they are:

  • Decorating by Donna

  • Virtual Color

  • Donna Frasca Intuitive Coach, Psychic Medium, Clairvoyant

  • Angel Huggers

As you can see from visiting those pages, there is a decent combo of both color and spiritual information which is how I came up with my hashtag #FromColorToTheCosmos.

My “Spooky” journey as I like to call it has been with me most of my life. I realize this now more so than ever before now that I’m writing my book. It’s amazing what you remember when you dig deep into the crevices of your mind and dust off what’s been lying dormant for years. It is healing, awakening and really brings in a new perspective in life which is why I’m writing this blog post.

Like I said, my spiritual journey has really been part of my entire life but it came up front and center in 2014. Apparently there is something magical about that year because there are many people that I know who ascended that year. I don’t dig deep into numerology but I know that year has significance.

As a Medium, keeping my vibration clean, clear and high is vital. It’s not easy and as a matter of fact I have to work on it every minute of the day. As the days go on I’m finding it harder and harder to be in public places because there is a clash in vibrations with others, spiritual frequencies if you will.

What this means is that when you get a point in your journey and experienced so much in the spirit world, it’s hard to be in the real world. Relationships are strained, crowds are nearly impossible, watching TV and the news just doesn’t happen unless you find reruns of Little House On The Prairie and thought patterns have changed. This my friends is life altering.

The upside to all this is an amazing connection with the spirit world. I can see them, sense them and talk to that realm which most don’t even know exist. It’s extremely hard to explain which is why I now keep those thoughts to myself at this point but lucky you, you get to read about it here and in the book I will be writing.

The downside is the separation between myself and people, not all people of course but most of them. Why? Because of their vibration and frequency, it is physically a challenge to be in the same room with them. Yes that sounds horrible but talk to any Medium and they will tell you the same thing. Oh they’ll say that they put up their plastic bubble and “protect” themselves but I don’t do that. I am fierce when it comes to the word “protect” because to me, that is fear based. Also when one puts themself inside a bubble, that is also keeping the good stuff out which counteracts being a Medium.

It’s funny, we work so hard to get to this place but when we do, it’s not all roses. Spirt told me this journey would not be easy and I signed on the dotted line for that in 2014. I trust this 110%.

So what’s a Medium to do? Grin and bear it. That’s sound like tough luck right? Well it does and it doesn’t. Yes it super sucks that I have to sage out most of the people in my life but the connection to spirit and source (no I’m not religious) is amazing. I just have to find a way to adjust my human body as I walk my walk.

I learn as I go and spirit is guiding me all the way. What’s going on now? Movement, not physical but a spiritual move. It’s going from “Oooh look! I found a feather! That’s an Angel sign” to tapping into a place/space that feels good, is hard to explain and the knowing (Claircognizance) is beyond strong.

It’s hard to go to places that are not seen but are felt. To explain how you just know things that you didn’t know last week and that you can hear conversation from the spirit world in your head. It’s, what’s the word I’m looking for, surprising that I can tell a whole story about how a person died just by looking at her first name or how I receive messages from the spirit world in my sleep, lesson plans if you will.

This is where I am now, my world. It’s a snip-it of what I’ll be explaining in my book and what happens inside the mind of a Medium.

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