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  • Donna Frasca

So What Now? Getting Passed The 1/11 Energy Surge

For those of you woo-woo's who follow this energy stuff, yesterday, the 1-11 energy was flipping brutal. The bad thing about these energies is that you HAVE to go through a process and experience them. Unless you live under a log and have a foil hat on your head, you were not affected by it.

For those of you who are “sensitive” you felt it big time. How? Oh well maybe by feeling down, upset, getting into an argument with someone clear out of the blue, having bad/down thoughts, nothing was going right, not being able to sleep, feeling grouchy, emotional etc. Feel any of those?

Well this energy has passed just 24 hours later, what a difference! I had a solid nights sleep, feel great, lifted, happy, energetic and just feel lighter.

THIS is what these energies do but the crappy thing is, in order to "get there" you have to experience it and 9/10 it's gonna suck. All these energies are bittersweet but IMO, very worth going through it. This my friends is called ascension <3


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