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  • Donna Frasca

Holiday Stress: How Do I Change The Energy In My Home After My Company Leaves?

As the Christmas holiday comes to an end and all your company heads back home, there's one thing that you can do to “clear the air” in your home to make it feel lifted and positive in time for 2019 to begin. What do I mean? It's changing the energy and very simple to do.

We all know that when family gets together, sometimes horns rub because let's face it, just because we're family doesn't mean we all get along. It is what is it but the good news is that we can clean the air and energy in our home without opening a window. How? With salt and and sage.

Salt is a multipurpose solution for many things from enhancing our food to removing negative energy from the air. It absorbs it like a sponge.

Now sage does the same thing. Ever hear of Sage Wands or Smudging? This is burning dried sage leaves (which is considered a sacred plant) to remove negative energies in the air and to restore your original stage of balance just like the Native American tradition.

You can put bowls of salt throughout your home or wipe your surfaces with salt water but that may leave a crystal reside behind.

You can burn a sage wand in your home but if you're sensitive to smoke or don't want to set the fire alarm off you may not want to do this. There's other ways around this to get the same benefits.

What I do is get very simple and you can do the same. I get hot water and dissolve sea salt in it. I then pour an ounce or two into a spray bottle and the amount will vary depending on the size of your bottle. I add 4-6 drops of sage essential oil and top it off with a carrier oil, I use Grapeseed oil.

You can play around with this recipe and add more salt or sage depending on what you like, it doesn't really matter as long as you have these elements together.

Spray each room of your home where the company was. Lightly spray (don't soak) the sofa, pillows, bedding, kitchen space, bathroom and dining room. Spray the nooks and crannies in your home to remove all the stale, tense energy that is there.

I LOVE the way salt and sage smell together and I felt my home instantly change as I sprayed. I will give my home another dose today to top it off. Do this every about once a week to keep your home feeling great.

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