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  • Donna Frasca

How To Tap Into The Winter Solstice To Make Your Life Better

If there is any time to tap into the Universe it's today. We all want to live an awesome life and we want to know when how to do this. Here I explain how to do just that, the rest is up to you.

Why is now so awesome?

I am so not into how the planets and how the moon lines up, astrology is just not my thing however, when things line up like they are today it’s blog worthy for sure!

In a nutshell:

• we are in a full moon phase

• it's the Winter Solstice

• winter is celebrated by the Water Element

• the moon is in Cancer

I shouldn't say "today" because there is an overlap in time/days where all this takes place. It's just like viewing the full moon, a few days prior and a few days post as it looks full although it's not. Same here. There is a "floaty time" that all this magick is lined up. If there is any time to tap into the Universe it is today.

What's all the magick about?

The Winter Solstice is noted as the longest day of the year. This is good because you'll most definitely benefit from soaking up all this amazingness and will have the time to do it.

THE FULL MOON: The energy of the full moon alone illuminates all that shines for you. This is a metaphor that at this time, you are now in full throttle to manifest your hopes and dreams. You should have been working on this when we had the New Moon with zero illumination. Now is the time to step forward, not just step but take one giant leap forward with both feet at that.

What does the full moon symbolize? Just like we sometimes look up at the full moon and see a face staring back at us, that face is our reflection, like looking into a mirror. What do you see yourself doing? Going? Loving? Working? Living? Only YOU can control your destiny by setting your mindset forward and manifesting the things you want in life. Those are the things you put your energy in, nothing else. Yes the world is screwed up but putting energy into that is not productive at this time. You first put all your energy into you and in doing so once you find your energy, then you can "change your world" and that would be for the better. It's all about mindset and focusing your energy into the positive things in life like the sun shinning through a magnifying glass strong. You can do this and your time is now.

The moon also has a strong pull with water and the tides. Our body is 98% water so when the moon is full, it has a major mystical pull on us and our intentions. This is another reason why Cancer is shinning at this time. Cancer, the crab homes in water. Talk about being affected by the moon! This is one major reason I track the full moon because I am Cancer and I feel it every flipping time and it's strong!


I can go on and on about how magical this time is now but in a nutshell, this is it. You can also enhance your intentions but using crystals, the moonstone of course and the pearl. The pearl comes from a mollusk that lives in the water and it also looks like a little moon.

CHAKRA AWARENESS: Focus big time on your Root Chakra because the energy we are in now is WAY overboard with the Root Chakra energy so balance is key here. Yes the holidays are all about family (so Root Chakra) so make sure you balance that energy out and disperse it upwards in your body. That is so another topic but for now, let the moon PULL that energy up through your Crown Chakra to release the excess energy.

COLOR: Silver is so perfect right now! Not only is a color but it's also a metal which will amplify your journey. Be sure to make sure your mindset is clear and positive because metal will hold onto that energy, keep it good, strong and precise.

ZODIAC: Cancer, you lucky crab you! Cancer is a feminine sign. The crab is known to be the most fertile sign of the Zodiac. So what's that all about? Get birthing crabs! This means to set those roots way deep into Mother Earth and get ready to plant your intentions. Now is the time to "grow" your inner peace and all your matters concerning home, family, financials and especially inner mind psyche. Seriously if you all don't take advantage of this amazing time sequence the Universe has provided, you may be missing out on the energy to move forward. Sure you can manifest anytime but working WITH the Universe is way more affective than working without her.

As you scavenge along the ground and pick up the things you need to thrive, choose wisely. Choose that which will give you sustenance not only for your body but for your mind and spirit. Dig deep into the sands of life and consume that which give you the sustenance that will continue to strengthen your journey. Your path is paved for you at this time.

WATER ELEMENT: Another reason the crab shines at this time. The water element is celebrated in the winter. How perfect right? Now is the time to replenish, renew, and go with the flow in life. Like a waterfall, let all that does not serve you flow right off your shell. Take in only that which resonates with you. This is HIGHLY important for 2019. Water is a receptive fluid so tap into your intuition and trust your insights and most of all, trust in YOU!

Now that you have the blueprints for today, for the now, to move forward with you, will you take this leap? You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Work with these elements and see how your life unfolds for 2019. Be sure to journal to watch your progress.

Happy new year!

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