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  • Donna Frasca

Which Element Do We Focus On In The Winter?

I love how we each find inspirations that peak our interest, it could be Angels, Chakras, Crystals - all of which I LOVE to talk about. For me at this time, I'm being drawn to the Elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water. Let's start with Water.

Now each of these Elements, like the Chakras, when honed in on will not only balance us but will direct us to live a healthier life. This is not a new thing but dates back to ancient Chinese philosophy and I find it fascinating.

Of course this is a HUGE topic but I'll be breaking it down, bit by bit to start off with. For those of us who are now in the Winter season, WATER is the Element that is up front and center.

Again keeping it simple for this post today, Winter is the time for inner REFLECTION which of course relates to WATER (don't you love that?) Now is the perfect time to REST, RESTORE and REFLECT a lot like what ones does when we get cabin fever lol.

That's all I'm going to note for today but keep your eye out for lots more to come about the WATER ELEMENT. We have all winter to talk about it.

Card design: Donna Frasca (can be purchased in the shop)

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