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  • Donna Frasca

Can Music Balance My Chakras?

The frequencies have been up front and center BIG time and this affects our Chakras. What frequencies am I talking about? Ever hear that high pitched ringing in your ears? It's not always Tinnitus.

Speaking of Chakras, I keep saying that knowing about our Chakras and Clairs are key to our Spiritual growth. It's all about using our mind, body and spirit as a tool and looking INWARD instead of running to Google to find information that most of the time, we can't trust.

Anyway, I wanted to share an experience with you that happened to me just a few days ago. The past few months I've really been tapping into self since I'm focusing on self, family and the now the Holidays. It's amazing what happens when you listen to Spirit and trust self and TRY to let all the fakeness of world go.

So because of the frequencies I've been hearing lately, and they are different for everyone, they have been to sharpen my 3rd Eye, Clairvoyance (A note) and Clairaudience (G note) and my Crown (B note). The upper Chakras will be key in 2019 for sure.

Not only have I've been hearing and seeing a tremendous amount from the Spirit world lately but the other day I saw the most beautiful image and I know it was associated with my Crown Chakra.

I’ve been feeling great lately with a nice sense of calm. I did had a weird vision when I took a nap the other day. I just laid down for about 20 minutes and at one point looked up at my ceiling. It turned into a blue sky and in the center was what looked like a hole through the clouds. That hole had more white and yellow clouds in it and the light from the sun. It felt like Source and that my Crown Chakra opened a bit more. It was a beautiful, peaceful feeling of immense love.

So are all these frequencies affecting us? BIG time so please trust the process and give it time. It's a lot of INNER work that is happening in our bodies but will manifest into a physical. Just be patient and keep shinning your light.

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