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How To Put Your Guides To Good Use

Do you just talk to your Guides or do you actually put them to work? Guides not only guide us but they CAN and WILL physically help us but we HAVE TO TELL THEM WHAT TO DO. Here's my story of how they helped me get into my locked house.

So I get locked out of my house this morning. Just came back from shopping, purse with keys are already in the house and I'm unloading groceries from the garage. The garage door is faulty and I know this, which is why I have keys to the front door incase it breaks. I'm in the garage with packages in hand and the door is locked!!!! IT wasn't locked a few minutes ago but because it's faulty, it decided to lock when I was in between trips.

Here I am in the cold garage, no phone, no keys, no purse and I can't get inside. I start flipping out and feel my blood pressure go sky high. This is a trigger for me, you know, one of those "hooks" that creep up on you that just put your mind into a tail spin - and I rolled right into for about two minutes. My mind was racing!

I just went through this, horribly mind you, on Thanksgiving and vowed I would NOT do this to myself again. I AM IN CONTROL OF MY ACTIONS. I CONTROL MY PRESENT AND MY FUTURE.

If I chose to flip out this truly would ruin my day, and my husbands because I SO told him to fix the door weeks ago. What did I do. I chose to talk to my Guides.

I closed my eyes while still standing in the cold garage and focused on my center. Deep breath in, deep exhale out.

"Guides, I'm calling you in to help me out here. I need you to please open the door for me."

I walked up to the door again with full intentions that the door WILL open. I gave it a few twists and turns just like I did before but this time ... it opened.

Thank you Guides


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