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  • Donna Frasca

10 Things That Suck Yet Are Amazing About Being A Medium

There are so many awesome benefits to being a Medium but like anything else in life, there is a flip side. I'm going to jump right in and list just some, because there's really so many, things that suck about being a Medium. However, there are just as many awesome things about being a Medium. Come check it out.

Signs from spirit shown in an image.

In no particular order, here's the list:

1A. You lose just about all your friends because they think you can read their mind and see what color undies they are wearing. Little by little they drop off and you can just feel the uncomfortableness in the air when you see them. Seriously, there are more important things in life that I'd like to see than your underwear.

1B. The friends that do stay with you are here for me. They are true souls who have my best interest in mind and love and accept me for who I am as true friends should. I cherish them!

2A. You know other Mediums but they don't pal around you because they are either jealous of your gifts or they think you will take their business away.

2B. My Medium friends that are confident in their skin are TOTALLY fun to chat with when we talk about Spirit and watch our arms fill up with goosebumps at the same time! We teach each other the ins and outs of what we know and share tid bits with each other. It's all about listening and learning from each other with first hand experience.

3A. Some of your "friends" just want to be around you to talk about their passed loved ones to see if you can tap in. This gets very old after a while because although you want to visit with them, you know that the conversation will be about one topic and one topic only. THIER loved ones.

3B. Talking with and connecting to Spirit is a gift. After all, this is what I signed up for. At the end of the day, it's all about healing and connecting and if what I do makes even just one person happy from hearing from Spirit, it is all worth it.

4. Just about everyone wants a free reading. We all love things for free but readings take a lot of energy and not everyday is conducive to do readings. Sometimes I'm tired, sick or just want to chill and not do readings.

4B. If the opportunity comes up to do readings, even if I'm tired I try to do them. It's great practice for me and it always amazes me to see who and what messages show up in readings. Just because I may not be ready to do readings doesn't mean Spirit has to sit around and wait.

5A. I've become SUPER, hyper sensitive and most feelings or emotions hurt. Words hurt, conversations are taken the wrong way, emotions are felt, thoughts are heard - it's just bombardment!

5B. Without be super sensitive I wouldn't be able to do what I do. I've worked with and developed my Clairs to be spot on to connect to Spirit and it's something that is hard just to shut off.

6. Sleeping normal 6-8 hours without waking up at 3:30 are long gone.

6B. When the mind and body relax a whole new world opens up. The night becomes a series of quick naps. As long as I can function the next day I' fine and if need be, I sneak in yet another nap.

7A. Nightmares or Lucid Dreams really mess with my head. Sometimes these dreams are very real and very frightening. I wake up more tired as if I never slept at all.

7B I realize that one of the ways Spirit sends me messages is through my dreams. It's not like they can meet me at Dunkin for a cup of coffee and chat. It's all about them contacting me when my mind is quiet and that happens to be when I sleep and yes, it's so worth it!

8A. Sensitive to the moon phases really hurt my body, especially the full moon.

8B. Excelling in Spiritualism means getting "downloads or energy surges" a few times a month and they, although awesome for my journey, really cause physical havoc on my body and mind. They also happen to come in based around the moon phases. The good things is I have apps that tell me when the next full moon is so I can prepare for it.

9A. Sometimes it's a little scary when I see people, things of odd images. I never know when they will show up or what they want. If other people are around it's hard to hide my emotions or reactions when I see this stuff.

9B. The thing that I learned over the years is that I am in control. I make the rules. Sure there are those things in life that are eerie and that's ok - life is about balance. I know that I am always safe and for the most part, the eerie things are just people who want to communicate and are just trying to get my attention.

10. The last on the list is change. Everyday feels like an adventure and last week feels like a lifetime ago. There is so much that I'm learning and experiencing on all levels and it does get overwhelming at times. Dreams, messages, insights, hearing things, seeing things, knowing things, growing - this is all about being part of the Spirit world and I'm in the classroom of life. Everyday even though I feel like I've reached a platform, I know that Spirit is always with me 24/7, linked up to me to teach others, to help heal and to be a bright light for those who need help shinning their light. Everything I see, everything I think I know Spirit is there with me. As a matter of fact I took a brief nap halfway in between writing this blog and was wondering what graphic I was going to include here to capture the feeling of this post. I looked up on the ceiling and saw that (see the graphic). To me it looks like the hand of Spirit, palm up with its arm extended out and a beam of light coming up from the palm. They provided me with the "graphic of knowledge."

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