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  • Donna Frasca

A Healing Message From A Dog Who Crossed Over

What are readings really about? Healing and sometimes the messages come from our pets who have crossed over. The other day I did a reading for someone and it took on a very interesting twist. I never know what the base of the reading is going to be. By base I mean who is going to come through to give a message.

Usually passed loved ones are the first to come through in a reading. In this particular reading I did, both parents, an Uncle, and a friend came through, which alone is pretty incredible, and they gave me their names and all. There was one element that happened, which was the icing on the cake.

Messages from parents that come through the readings I give are pretty cool. The information is mostly advice to help the sitter (the person getting the reading) through a dilemma or unresolved issue that they are trying to work through. I love that parents continue to give messages to their kids even from the other side, but they do! I receive a series of about two to three sentences to give to the sitter. I start to see “quote marks” and at that time, I know Spirit wants to speak, so I start to write.

What’s been happening in the past few readings I’ve been doing, and this is becoming more and more consistent, are messages from pets who have passed. Most of us know how it feels when we lose a pet; it’s like losing a family member, which hurts just as bad. We all want to know what happens to our pets, where they go, and are they ok, just like our family and friends who have passed as well. I don’t know about you, but every now and then, I think about ALL my pets from time to time and how much I miss them.

So during my recent reading, I felt a dog presence come through. So I wrote down “dog” on my notes. Then I see a car, and there was a reference to the back seat. Now, this was very strange to me - dog - car - backseat. How is this all connected? I asked the sitter.

“What is the connection to a dog and the back seat of a car?” It was visible that I touched on something that she held close to her heart - very close.

I find out that about 20 some odd years ago, she, the sitter, was involved in a car accident, and her dog was in the back seat of the car. Without going into details, this is a memory that she was holding onto and reliving for over 20 years. How awful! Not only is this upsetting, but it’s horrible when there is a memory that keeps playing in your mind over and over and over again.

Now here’s where readings are just the most beautiful, magical, healing that can be given to another person, and I’m SO glad that I can do this for people!

The dog that came through was indeed hers and was trying to give a message of “release the guilt; it wasn’t your fault.”

Now, this is a challenge to be able to connect with a pet that has passed and LISTEN to what he is saying and then delivers that message to its owner, BUT it is SO VERY POSSIBLE! I know because I’ve been hearing messages from pets in several readings now.

The feeling from this pet was that of love and forgiveness. He was conveying to his owner to stop feeling guilty over something that she had absolutely no control over. He was also saying to release the guilt, it’s not necessary to hold onto it ... and it never was!

This pet dog felt light, happy, and just filled with an incredible love for his owner. It took all control on my part not to break down from how this felt because after all, when I do readings, it’s all about tapping into ‘how things feel’ and love from our pets ... I can’t put into words what that feels like.

So how did this reading end? There were messages from the Mom and Uncle, which was beautiful in itself, but I had to say the highlight of this reading was from her pet dog. This little fur baby was giving her reassurance to let go of all the years of guilt, pain, and anguish that she relived about the accident. He was ok and doing just fine living on the other side, watching over her every day, walking with her, by her feet.

... beautiful, healing ... I SO love this!

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