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What Is A Chakra Reading?

When we feel out of sorts, there's a really good chance that some of our chakras are either out of balance or blocked. I offer a Chakra Reading service where I can actually see your chakras and tell you not only which ones need repair but suggest to you how to heal them.

For example. Feeling lower back pain? That can be your Root Chakra letting you know that you are not grounded well enough in your physical body or not fully connected to your physical self.

Ever feel a little “floaty?” When we are not properly grounded, we get a little misplaced and find it hard to concentrate. Balancing the Root Chakra is one of the easiest things to accomplish and yet it's the one Chakra most people have difficulties with.

Insomnia? Nightmares? Migraines? That is all about your 3rd Eye Chakra being out of balance. Those headaches are awful and our sleep is so important to us so getting this Chakra back in balance quickly is so important!

Here is a snip-it from actual Chakra Readings. This is how I see them and I take notes and color them in with markers or crayons so you can see what you chakras look like. I add images, notes and anything else that appears in the reading.

What great about not only Chakra Readings but all my readings is that you don't have to be present to get a reading. This is where being Psychic comes in. It's about being able to tap into your energy and connecting with your Guides to read your energy field. Or if you prefer, we can chat on the phone once I email you your reading. That's actually preferred because the phone calls last up to one hour and it's a great change to talk about your Chakras in detail. It's really quite amazing!