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  • Donna Frasca

Do Our Passed Loves Ones Watch Us Cook? YES!

Sometimes Spirit cracks me up! During a reading I did recently, “Grandma” was mad because her Granddaughter didn’t make Pirogies for Thanksgiving. I asked the sitter if she normally makes Pirogies and her reply was “yes, we are Ukrainian and usually have Pirogies for Thanksgiving but skipped this year”. I suggested she cook up a batch this week and set an extra place at the table for Grandma.

I've had several other readings where the passed cook in the house put their 2¢ in when their recipes weren't followed correctly. One time a passed Mom told me to tell her daughter that she puts too much meat in her gravy!

Isn't that funny? It's also a bit "interesting" knowing that our passed loved ones are watching us cook!


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