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  • Donna Frasca

An Instructional Manual From Spirit: 12 Things You'll Want To Know As You Walk Your Spiritual Jo

There is nothing more frustrating than living a Spiritual path or 2nd Path as I like to call it, and not getting answers to the questions we have. I so wish I could have known just these 12 elements to start, when I started my journey. I hope it helps you!

If Spirit DID have a manual for us here is how it would read:

Dear Lightworker, Empath, Medium, Angel Intuitive or other,

We have compiled an instructional manual for you because we know that you will have a TON of questions as you progress in your journey. We are going to touch base on just a few of the main questions and concerns that you have. Updates in this manual will be available in the future.

1 - Be prepared for a lot of changes in your life and we mean A LOT. It will be hard to process these changes or know who to turn to for guidance. Just keep in mind, we will always be here for you to answer as many questions as we can for you.

2 - You will lose many friendships. Think of it as an exchange of friends because it's really shedding the ones that don't resonate with you and adding the ones that do. This is a painful process but please know that once you rid of the friends that "don't get you" you'll feel a lot better when you're around the friends that do!

3 - Your diet will change. This one is a tough one to swallow - no pun intended. You'll find yourself eating lighter and healthier. Meat may be far and few between. You'll be craving colorful foods such as fruits and vegetables and eliminate much of the processed foods you've been consuming.

4 - As you body changes in diet, your mind changes as well. So many deep thoughts will now consume you every day. You'll have many questions about life, the universe and spirituality. Choose books that challenge your mind, engage your thoughts and encourage you to change your new way of living.

5 - Sleep patterns will change. You get up in the wee hours of the morning between 2:30 and 3:30 am. Get used to this and don't fight it. Have your phone by your bed to read, play a game or to jot notes down in a journal. This eventually will subside but for the most part, is the new sleep pattern for you.

6 - While on the subject of sleep, your dreams will most definitely change. They will be lucid dreams where you feel your dreams are so real that you can't tell if you lived it or dreamt it. You'll begin to Astral Travel more and more in your sleep state. If you wake up tired after a full nights sleep, this will be why.

7 - You'll start to notice sparkles or specks of colors in your peripheral vision. Take notice of those colors because they more than likely will be your Angels.

8 - Crystals, cards and essential oils will be your new hobby to collect. Be careful of where you buy your tools and who touches them. Remember everything has and is energy and that energy can be transferred from person to person which will remain on your tools. Learn to clear and cleanse them via the moon and rituals.

9 - You'll start to follow the moon phases and geomagnetic storms. These two elements will play a HUGE and we mean HUGE role in how you feel physically and emotionally. Find phone app to alert you of these times and phases.

10 - Water will be a conduit so we can communicate with you. Bathtubs and showers are like telephones. Be ready for messages you receive from us when in the bathroom … and no, we can't see you naked. You are energy and we see you as such, not as physical beings.

11 - Goose bumps are also a way we communicate with you. Pay attention to how your body reacts to certain situations and take note of how you feel. Journal.

12 - Numbers, coins and feathers are definitely going to be in your face. This is a basic way for us to grab your attention. Our advice? Just like the goosebumps, pay attention to what you're doing, thinking, looking at and talking to when you see these synchronicities.

This is the beginners guide to getting you started on your path. We will be updating this manual as time goes on. These 12 steps will take months or years to experience and understand. Do not rush this process. We (Spirit) will not proceed with your journey until you have experienced many of our "tests" to see if you are a true Lightworker and will want to walk your path, speak your truth and fully embrace your journey. We are here for you. We love you!

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