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  • Donna Frasca

A Letter To My Angels

I'd like to say something today that we've all gone through at one point. There are times in life, almost daily, when things happen and somewhere along the line, we upset someone and get into a disagreement. Sometimes these lead into BIG fights where words are said, bad memories are created and scars are formed. We can't take back what has happened but we can arrange the thoughts in our head that makes sense to us. There are thousands of ways to process our thoughts but which is the right way and how do we do it?

I'm saying this because of a recent experience that I had and it was not good and there's no taking it back. However, what I can do is come to terms with my thoughts and open a space in my heart ... for myself. This has to do with self respect, trusting my gut and not second guessing original motives especially when they come from the heart. Sure there's always a better or more polished way of speaking our truth but after all, we are human and it is what it is.

Having said all this, my Angels have helped me out BIG time. They, through social media believe it or not, have given me the messages that I need to receive in order to heal my heart. I wrote a letter to them that I'd like to share with you all

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