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About Donna Frasca

We all see, hear, feel and know things but some of us see, hear and feel a little more than most people and somehow know or experience things that are difficult to explain. These are our senses right? Sure! Some of us are just a little more sensitive than others and this my friends, is what makes up you and I.

So where does all this come from?

As a Certified Psychic Medium, 30+ years as Certified Color Expert, Reiki Master Teacher, Animal Communicator and Certified Angel Intuitive, I use the power of self-awareness and my gifts as a strong Clairvoyant to gain information beyond what is considered the “norm.”

What does this mean?

It means that I have the ability to obtain information about an object, person, location, or connection with a passed loved one through extrasensory perception.

As an Intuitive Coach I dig deep into the colors of the Chakra system and how they relate to our Mind, Body and Spirit.

I also have an amazing and beautiful connection with the Angelic Realm where much of my insights originate from.

I’ve given myself the hashtag of #FromColorToTheCosmos because I will be talking A LOT about Color, Holistic's, Angels, Essential Oils, Readings, Chakras, Life, Dreams, Psychic Development and so much more in this blog. So you see, my hashtag covers SO much!

I will be sharing stories that are Divinely inspired, inspirational, personal, Spiritual and metaphysical. They are all true stories and experiences and I invite you to have an open mind as you read what's in mine