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How To Ground By Visualizing A Tree

I never knew about grounding until I took a Reiki class and learned about it. I didn't know you had to do it until my head would get all fluttery or I'd just be “out there” in one of my “spooky” moments or just get so overwhelmed with my experiences that I'd get a little floaty. This is why you have to ground yourself, to connect to Mother Earth and keep your self strong and planted solidly on this earth.

When should you ground yourself?

It's not like you're going to levitate off the floor if you don't ground yourself but you may certainly feel that way at times. That's when you ground.

You may have had a dream or thought that took you way out into outer space and you felt disconnected after that experience. That's when you ground.

If you have wonderful experiences with Angels or a higher realm and you feel “oh so wonderful” that's when you need to ground - so you'll want to return to earth and not get your head all stuck in the clouds. Ground.

Ok. So you get the picture right? Simply put, sometimes it's the feeling you get after a glass or two of wine, just a little floaty.

How do I ground myself?

Grounding is different for everyone and I've tried many different techniques. Some of my friends get very involved with their grounding procedure but for me, I just need a quick visual and set the intention in my mind, and it's done. This is what I do.

I painted the tree you see in this post especially for my grounding ritual. I'm a very visual person so for me, referring to a grounding image works best.

You can use any image you want to that symbolizes strength and connection to the earth for me and a lot of people, a tree is perfect.

I have this tree in my home office so at this point, all I have to do is look at it and I'm instantly grounded. If I'm not in my office, the image is always in my mind.