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  • Donna Frasca

8 Ways To Reduce Anxiety During The Holidays

Hi Angels - energy is a bit wonky today - have you seen some of the energy reports out there? Well, just by going by how I feel, I'd like to make some suggestions to help sooth your anxiety.

tap into the healing energy of your pets

  1. eat light & healthy

  2. add honey to your diet - this will help "sooth"

  3. keep busy but be by yourself if you can

  4. go outside a few times a day to do some deep inhales

  5. focus on pastel colors

  6. call in Archangel Metatron for guidance

  7. stay IN the present

  8. connect with your pet to sooth anxiety

These are simple techniques to help calm. Always remember that YOU are in control of how you react in certain situations. Stay abreast of that.

As I always say, acknowledge the small things in life. They not only bring you comfort but they have BIG messages.

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