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  • Donna Frasca

"The Most Powerful Cards I've Ever Worked With" Review Of The Color Cures Cards

And this is how it goes when a product is channeled by the Angels!

"I received these amazing Color Cure Cards from Donna Frasca and have been working with them for about a week. LOVE. LOVE. LOVE them. These are the most powerful cards I have ever worked with! ❤ The angelic energy in these cards is sooo strong. All 31 cards are totally unique on the front and back; each card has its own healing vibration. I have been using the cards to deal with emotions and physical pain. The cards are easy to use and come with an instructional PDF file. The front of the card depict beautiful paintings of each separate emotion listed on that particular card and the flip side offers paintings to cure the feelings and emotions from the front of the card. These cards are not only a window to my blockages but they also offer a cure to heal and grow. Very powerful and accurate. I will continue to use them daily and highly recommend them."

Jillian H.

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