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  • Donna Frasca

Celebrate LIFE Instead of Mourning Death

I went to one of the most beautiful "Celebration Of Life" ceremonies yesterday. A friend of my in-laws passed away recently and yesterday was his service. It was so beautiful! What was it like?

Family and friends gathered in a beautiful country club. There was food, drinks, music, laughter, smiles, cake and the place was decorated in beautiful colors. There was even little origami birds on all the tables. We sat around the table and shared memories, talked, laughed and it was good to see people that I haven't seen in over 28 years which was basically at my wedding in 1990. You could feel the love and happiness in the air. I knew the person who passed and knowing his personality, know he'd love this setting BIG time! As a matter of fact when my family mentioned this as we were sitting at the table, I got goose bumps on my entire left side as if he was standing next to me in Spirit ... I know he was.

We should celebrates one's life with family and friends, not sit in a horrid funeral parlor and sit in a chair as we listen to the violins of the most sad music you could imagine. I would SO not want that for myself or any of my loved ones.

When I leave this earth, I want my family and friends to have the biggest party ever with my loved ones laughing, eating and enjoying themselves as they tell stories of the goofy things I did in life.

CELEBRATE life as you remember the good times. Don't mourn and dwell in sadness. I KNOW as people pass, they never leave us, they just change from one form to another.

💜 They still communicate with us but we have to listen.

💜 They still touch us but we have to feel.

💜 They are still in our hearts but we have to love!

How will YOU celebrate life? This can be one of the most beautiful things we can do for our loved ones and I so hope that this type of ceremony, yes ceremony, will become a norm. Maybe we can even preplan our celebrations like we did at our weddings, graduation and birthdays?

I hope this becomes the new norm so the end of life will become celebration of beautiful memories that we will cherish for our lifetime.

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