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  • Donna Frasca

What Kind Of Energies Will Be Present Between Now And The End Of The Year?

When it comes to how the energies will unfold in the future, I don't like to follow what everyone else is saying, I like to tap into myself and sense which direction I feel it will go. This is what we all should be doing. How do you think the other gurus find out? Hopefully they tap into self and I'm sure look at the stars and planets which I don't do, I tap into self. Come see what I feel is in store that will take us into 2019.

I can say this. I started posting about TIME this morning on my profile page. I feel that many people will be having elevated experiences in time such as Astral Projection (my daughter had a wild experience yesterday) time slips and glitches, and more deja vu's than ever before. I say this because not only are we now vibrating at a different rate than earlier this year but the earth is changing as well.

Having said that I feel that the energies for now and into next year will blend closely to our aura, our frequency and cause a bit of havoc IF we don't grab hold of ourselves. We have to be in the NOW and hold that space, locked and loaded to be exact. Minute by minute, these energies I feel, will be strong and if we are not focused or well grounded, most will experience levels of anxiety, ADHD, depression and will have trouble healing the grief process. They will blame it on the holidays but it will be the energy that is coming in strong.

For those who stand strong and are aware of the "energy flares" not just the geo and sun flares, will have a heads up on all this. How do we do that?

• Let go of all that does not resonate with us. This includes people, groups, new, places, events, experiences and memories. These things are weighing us down.

• Mediate in the sun to recharge. This can be done indoors by a window if the weather is unfavorable outside.

• Focus in on and fine tune ALL the Clairs, together. Use them as one unit instead of separate modalities.

• Oddly, the souls of our feet will play a huge role in how we feel. Study reflexology of the feet. This connects our feet via pressure points to most of our body. Salt water soaks are important to cleanse, soul cleanse.

What this all boils down to is being able to tap into your senses, ALL of them. Trust how you feel and be mindful and body aware. Tap into you!

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