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  • Donna Frasca

How Do I Tap Into The Softer Side Of Me When The World Seems So Harsh?

Now that we are in the New Moon phase it is the perfect time to start anew. We are in the Astrological Place of Scorpio which means this time is all about SECRETS.

Be kind to yourself in this phase of "gentle energy." It's the best time to tap into your 'gentle' especially when everything around you may seem so harsh. Our life lessons are extremely difficult at times but please know that they are here to bring awareness to us in some way.

Try to let the sharp edges of life soften as you tap into your soul to search for your next endeavor. I did say this time is about SECRETS. What are yours? These secrets, or quiet thoughts that are in your head, is your inner voice guiding you to your next move, your next step in life. It's this sound you should follow but like the whisper of a secret, you may not hear it.

Quiet your mind, your heart and your every being to really be able to tap into this sound. As you trust yourself more and more this sound will turn into an audible voice. This voice is your direction.

Here is a New Moon Prayer to tap into your softer side and seek it out. It's here where you find strength.


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