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  • Donna Frasca

How To Heal Your Addictions

... a snip-it from my #ColorCures cards. This is the back, the “healing side” of ADDICTION card. These cards are now available in my shop and I have only 23 decks left. Order today!

"With the soft greens and pinks that represent the heart, dive deep into your center and feel what your soul craves. It's here where you'll find your true desires, the ones that have been there all along but have been buried under that which your mind and body thinks it needs.

Your heart is you. Love yourself enough to crave the things in life which bring you joy, love and happiness. Little by little as you feel the softness of the hearts and bring the pinks and greens closer to your being, you will grow your willpower, that urge to do what your soul craves and needs to thrive."

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