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  • Donna Frasca

Train Your Brain To Manifest Your Intentions

Keep in mind that intentions of the mind are stronger than you realize. Our full moon was last night but it can still be seen today and even tomorrow.

Yes we can put our crystals out in the moonlight along with our water to energize and to cleanse it however, let's start training our minds to do with work.

Everything is energy right? So are our thoughts. Train your brain to visualize your intentions.

• • Can't go outside because of the weather? Find a spot in your home to infuse your crystals and water with the energy of the moonlight.

• • Don't have time to set up anything in your home to do this? Visualize the entire scenario in your head. Doing this not only strengthens your 3rd Eye but it also strengthens your brain. Use it or lose it as they say.

What we can do with our minds are limitless but you have to start using it. Try some of these visualizations while you meditate.

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