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  • Donna Frasca

Color Cures Self Healing, Empowerment Cards Now Available To Order!

These are one-of-a-kind healing cards that are not meant to share with everyone else but to use for yourself, based on YOUR thoughts and YOUR emotions to help heal yourself. What do I mean?

Most Tarot or Oracle cards are shuffled and then a card is picked and read either for self or for others. These Color Cures cards are different and used in a different way. On the front side of these cards is a thought or emotion that most of us have or had at one point. Spread the the 32 cards out on the table and be guided to choose the one that you are “feeling.” For example, if you are feeling depressed, you'll be drawn to the DEPRESSION card. Pick it up, look at it and then turn it over. On the back of the card will be a sequence of healing colors along with a channeled message for you. On a subliminal level, you will begin the healing process by looking at the colors that 'heal' depression along with channeled words of empowerment. Since these cards are a bit complicated and cannot be explained in a timely manner in a guidebook, I'll provide 4 short videos that explains them step by step. There will be a downloadable PDF for you to view and print out.

These cards are for you, for your mind, body and Spirit. Please view the INTRODUCTION to Color Cures here on my YouTube Channel.

Price includes shipping and 5 instructional videos.

  • Video 1 - Introduction

  • Video 2 - explains cards 1-8

  • Video 3 - explains cards 9-16

  • Video 4 - explain cards 17-24

  • Video 5 - explains cards 25-32

There are 5, 20 minute instructional videos that will be available for download for this product, one intro and four short YouTube videos. A guide book is not available for this deck because of it's complexity.

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