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How Can I Use The Energy Of The Full Moon To Help Me?

You know how it goes, full moon tomorrow. Many of you have already been feeling it this week. Weird dreams? Emotions all over the place? Getting caught in your thoughts? This is what the moon can do BUT keep in mind, if you stay positive and eliminate outside influences, this can be a very powerful tool, yes tool. Use it to your advantage. Trust yourself.

I can only tell you how I feel around the full moon and I know other people feel it as well. Sometimes I feel irritable, emotional, insecure and you can just fill in with the rest of the adjectives. However, knowing when the full moon is and how we feel during this moon phase, we can prepare.

On the positive note, and I've been tracking this for a while, I can really tap into not only my energies but the energies around me during this time. It's an excellent time for readings!

What I'm basically trying to say is don't get blind-sided. If you know you are sensitive to the moon phases use it to your advantage. Give yourself a heads up mark it on the calendar like I do. No more surprises.

As they say, knowing is half the battle. Stay on top of it.

So how can you use the energy of the full moon to help you?

• schedule your readings during this time

• meditate to find answers to your questions

• trust your gut on the decisions you need to make

• talk - chat with your friends and family, HEAR them

• engage all your chakras, feel the ones that need to be cleared

• engage all your Clairs - tap into your strongest to receive messages

• engage all your Clairs - use the ones less prominent and strengthen it

• set your intentions to grow, visualize this before bedtime, dream

These are just a few suggestions that you can do not only during the full moon but any day. Just use the energy of the moon to strongly manifest it.

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