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The Ghost I Saw At The Funeral Parlor

There are so many emotions that one feels at a funeral home but did you ever wonder why? Other than the obvious, let's talk about what goes on and why you feel the way you do.

This is a challenging topic to write about. Of course the moment we step into a funeral parlor when get bombarded with 1,000 emotions right? From sadness to grief and everything in between, it's there.

You're probably wondering what this graphic is all about and I'll chat about that in just a moment, let's get back to emotions.

First of all, what was I doing at a funeral home? I was actually there for a good reason. A friend of mine and I were asked to paint a Tree Of Life on one of the main walls at a local funeral parlor.

Even though this is a super fun project to do with a friend, the emotions that I felt 5 minutes after stepping into the funeral home were not very joyous.

"What's going on? " I asked myself?

Here I am about to paint for the day with my bestie and I got hit with a bombardment of feelings that were not typical of what I expected to feel.