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  • Donna Frasca

The Ghost I Saw At The Funeral Parlor

There are so many emotions that one feels at a funeral home but did you ever wonder why? Other than the obvious, let's talk about those feelings and why you think this happens.

This is a challenging topic to write about. Of course, the moment we step into a funeral parlor when get bombarded with 1,000 emotions, right? From sadness to grief and everything in between, it's there.

First of all, what was I doing at a funeral home? I was there for a good reason. A friend and I were asked to paint a Tree Of Life on one of the main walls at a local funeral parlor.

Even though this is a super fun project to do with a friend, the emotions I felt 5 minutes after stepping into the funeral home were not very joyous.

"What's going on? " I asked myself

Here I was about to paint for the day with my bestie, and I got hit with a bombardment of feelings that were not typical of what I expected to feel.

I felt a very heavy pressure on my chest, it was hard to breathe, I got dizzy, and at one point, I felt like I was going to throw up I was so nauseous! I was fine 10 minutes ago, and I know the cup of coffee and muffin I had for breakfast had nothing to do with my upset stomach. I had to figure out what was happening.

Composing myself, I left the building for some fresh air. I knew what I was feeling was not mine. I mean, come on, I was fine all morning before I got to the parlor, and within 10 minutes of arriving, I felt horrible.

I returned a few minutes later, and my friend asked, "Are you ok? What happened?"

She knows me, of course, so she figured I saw a Spirit of some type.

When feelings come out of nowhere, and you know they are not your own, you must tap into your “clairs” to see what is going on.

• What do I see?

• What do I hear?

• What do I sense?

• What do I smell?

• What do I sense about the overall situation?

I looked around and, with my 3rd Eye, started seeing colors come to mind. It was like watching a movie start to play before my eyes. Within seconds, these reds, whites, and blues turned into a person, an older man with white hair, a red and blue plaid flannel shirt, and a pair of jeans. He also had a full head of white hair for a man his age which I'm guessing to be late 70's early 80s.

So back to the ghost, I'm calling GG (Ghost Grandpa).

Who was this person? Was he a good man? Does he have good intentions, or is he going to cause some havoc while my friend and I are painting? I had to find out.

Once I went through my spiritual checklist, I concluded that this spirit ghost was ok to talk to, so we did, eventually.

I was in painting mode, so I wasn't in the head space to talk to ghosts. Lots of concentration goes into painting and trying to stay a few steps ahead of the project, so I put "Ghost Grandpa" aside for a few hours while I painted.

When it was time to go home, I got in my car and started the 10-15 ride home, and guess who showed up? Ghost Grandpa right there in my backseat! I first told him it was not ok to follow me home, but he could have a quick chat and then go along his way before I got home.

So what does a ghost that finds you at a funeral parlor talk about? His clothes!

This is how the conversation went:

GG (Ghost Grandpa): I'm upset

Me: Why?

GG: Because I don't like what my family dressed me in at my funeral.

Me: (as I'm looking at what he's wearing, a red and blue flannel button-up shirt and a pair of denim jeans) Why?

GG: Because I wasn't comfortable. I never wear suits.

Me: Are you comfortable now?

GG: Yes.

Me: Well, don't you think that's ok? Your family just followed the norm and dressed you in formal attire for your funeral. They did the best they could.

GG: Yeah, I guess so; you're right.

Me: Well, I'm glad you're comfortable now. Thank you for the conversation, and I'm about to be home, so you have to go ok?

GG: Sure, and by the way, I like your Tree Of Life painting. You both did a great job!

Me: (chuckling to myself) Thank you, and it was nice talking with you today.

And he was gone.

Crazy stuff, right? It was an unexpected experience, but an awesome one GG just wanted to find someone to talk to and express how he felt about his clothes. It's quite funny, don't you think?

The lesson here is this. Ghosts were and still are people, so treat them with respect and see how you can help them.

You're probably saying, "why does a ghost need to wear clothes?"

Well, they don't; they are 100% pure energy but will manifest a human form so they can communicate to us humans to solve their issue and get their message across.

GG was a super sweet man and was happy to find someone to talk to. I may visit him every now and then and tell him how awesome he looks in his outfit. At least we know he's happy and comfortable, which I guess is essential if you're a ghost.

UPDATE: A few days later, I checked the obits to see if I could recognize the man I saw. Within a few minutes, I saw a photo that looked exactly like the ghost I saw in the funeral parlor. I looked at his name and read his obit, but then something I read was pretty shocking. I looked at the date of his death. It was three days AFTER I spoke to him in the funner parlor!

What does this mean? It means that I spoke with this man while he was in transition. I connected with his soul while his body was still here on this plain.

I love meeting spirit people like this! I love to see how their personalities unfold, to see what they look like, and to understand what they want to say.

• • • • •

I hope you enjoyed this experience. If you'd like to read more of my stories of how my mediumship unfolded, I invite you to read my book, From Color To The Cosmos: Inside The Mind of a Medium. You can purchase my book on Amazon.

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