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  • Donna Frasca

Why Do I Feel Stuck?

I'm sensing “change” in the air. How many of your are feeling a bit blocked, misguided or frustrated because you feel that what you're doing is not productive? This is ok! I feel it too this morning. So what do we do? We change.

Last Wednesday in my Angel Huggers closed Facebook group I talked about Chi and how our poor bodies are trying to find and connect to the right frequency for us. This can take a while to find that sweet spot or that place of Zen. So how do we do it? Let the Universe do it for you!

That's right! We have to change! I'm even going to change up this group yet again - which I do every few months or so to match up with I do with the energy of the people in this group. Those who feel the same energy / frequency will find this group a tool to use in their journey.

Step back and just be. Clear your mind of the monkiness that is there and just redirect your self for the time being. As you go about your day, your week, you'll find that letting things go feels good. When you let go, you allow yourself to welcome new energies and new frequencies that are trying to find you. If you hold on to the things in the past that are not working for you, you are not allowing the Universe to help you.

So, welcome those plateaus, roadblocks and dead ends. They are in your life for a reason. Acknowledge them, let them go and embrace the new frequencies your body craves.

This is a graphic of “change.”


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