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  • Donna Frasca

How Can I Use Color To Help Me Focus In My Life?

How strong is love & focus? What happens when you switch the focus from “I need” to something less distraught? How can color help with the focus in my life?

Everyone has needs. Everyone thinks about money everyday when we leave for work, go shopping for food, clothes and the necessities of life.

Let's talk about energy. What we focus on, that is where our energy goes. When we focus on bills that needs to be paid and don't have the money for it, we are sending our energy to something that is stressful for us and something that is not a solid. What I mean by that is it has not happened yet. We are worrying about and putting our energy into something that is not physical yet it's a perpetual underlining thought in our lives. Worry. It does NOT do a body, mind or spirit any good.

What can we do? Shift our focus.

We spend our entire lives worrying about things we can't change, things that haven't happened yet or things that we THINK will be far worse than it actually is.

Let's do this.

Tap into your heart and KNOW not just think but know everything is going to be ok. Nobody will die because a bill doesn't get paid. Nobody will starve to death because there's no food to eat. Nobody will walk the earth naked because there are no clothes to wear.

What I'm saying is this. You must know, trust and believe that everything will be ok and turn out to your advantage. This is the power of positive thinking. This is the power of love.

How do we do this? With your mind. I always refer to color because it's the one universal element that we all can relate to. Here, I have the color red. It's the color of life (blood) and the color that will drive (passion and desire) you to achieve what you need in life. Focus on red and all that it represents from power, achievement, motivation, successes, ambition and love.

Once you tap into this color and all that it represents, you will LIVE these feelings and this will be a part of you that others will sense and pick up on you. It'll be contagious and it feels so good. Don't worry about what others have and what you don't have. You will have and get exactly what you put your mind to BUT you have to set your focus on love, trust and positive thinking.

Color will help you do this.

This by the way is what my #ColorCures cards will be about. It's really digging DEEP into color, life, emotions and healing. This is very powerful and I can't wait to show it to you!

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