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What Happens When We Die? A Channeled Message From Spirit G

If we knew what happens when we die, would we be so afraid? I did an automatic writing and asked Spirit this very question. Here is what came through. Some of this didn’t make sense to me, you'll see I added a question mark in some places.

ME: Spirit, what happens when we die?

SPIRIT: We speak to you with (???????) eyes, answers you seek are in diamond codes.

There is a space between realms - not a realm as in dimensions but a realm as in space - it’s an emotion. It’s similar to the experience you have when you drive a car and get to your destination but have no recollection of how you got there. You just arrive. Time slows and speeds up all at the same time, the same pace.

The indicator (??) is the heart. It beats a certain way at a certain frequency that starts the death cycle.

ME: Who am I speaking with?

SPIRIT: “G.” Dying is also related to temperature not as is cold as when you die but hot molecules in your inner body that move quickly much like what you know as a microwave. This helps propel the soul out of the human shell.

ME: Where does the soul go?

SPIRIT G: Into space, air, through a tube but the tube has holes in it. Parts of your soul extrudes through those holes in different directions and different places. This is how your family is formed for your next life. Each part of your soul goes out to create a new family unit to start over. Each family