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  • Donna Frasca

Can We Outline What We Want Our Next Life To Be Like?

From past lives to present. We know where we've been and where we are now but do we know how we'll live in the future?

This question was asked in my Angel Hugger group in Facebook and I thought it was so awesome, I wanted to share it here. Someone asked, “When We Set Intentions, Can We Outline What We Want Our Next Life To Be Like?”

Next and past lives can be tricky and the interesting thing is, not one person on earth has been to their next life yet and few have been lucky enough to research their past lives via regressions. SO - lots of this information, depending on who you ask, will be very much just an opinion.

Having said that, I'm one of the lucky ones who've had a life changing experience when I had a past life regression.

I can tell you this. What we know of our past lives WILL validate what we are doing in our lives now. What we do in our lives now will affect our future but our future can be minutes, days, weeks or years ahead in time. Whole lifetime jumps ... not sure but I do feel that we are the same soul - past, present and future so yes, there will be a similarity. This is just my opinion.

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