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Words From My Clients

I wanted to share some of the beautiful words from my clients I received over the years

What a wonderful reading by Donna!! Her style was so unique and the messages she received were so spot on! It was so awesome to get validation that our loved ones are still with us every step of the way, even after they've crossed over. And to hear that their personalities are still very much the same is just that much more comforting ...... thanks for dealing with Grandma Jackie's talking And thank you so much for sharing your beautiful gift with me, Donna!!


Donna, Thank you so much for the reading. I absolutely loved every second of it and appreciate your time, and the extra time and card pulling you did for me, so much. You’re such a sweet person and I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed this reading. Even though the person I wanted to connect to didn’t come through, other important messages did come through and for that I am grateful. Thank you again!


Donna's coffee cup reading was spot on. She knew it was time for me to work on the abundance of God's gifts and my inner self. We have so many insights connected to our inner truth, we may find out that certain beliefs are no longer are aligned with our true purpose. It has been a difficult and confusing journey for me, but I have so much clarity now and Donna confirmed all those things that I have been struggling with. I would highly recommend Donna as she truly has a gift.

Daniella S

Not many human words can describe the experience I had with Donna. Magical, amazing, magnetic...Donna is an open and beautifully gifted psychic medium. Absolutely recommend her ❤️🔥🙏🏼 Emily A

Donna is amazing! Her readings r right on! You will love her!