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  • Donna Frasca

Is It Difficult To Do Readings For People Who Are Adopted?

I trust the information Spirit gives me 110% when I do readings. The only issue is, how can Spirit names be confirmed if my clients are adopted?

Readings for adopted people

There were a few times when I did a reading for clients where names would be given to me, and the client was not able to connect with the names. 9/10 when Spirit gives me a name to ID them or even just a letter, it’s correct.

The other day I did a reading for someone, and there was a grandfather energy and the letter F that was giving to me for the sitter. When I mentioned the name, she said, “nope, I do have a grandfather that passed but not by that name.””

This was a bit of a head-scratcher since Spirit gave me this information. The name did not resonate with her at all.all.

Now, if I said it was just male energy, it could be a Guide or just about anyone in her family, but I CLEARLY got grandfather. Puzzlement.

I was persistent with her about the name thing until she said, “oh wait! I’m adopted!”


Since she was adopted, she very well may have a biological grandfather with that name, and she’ll never know for sure

Anyway, I continued with the reading and wound up connecting to the grandfather she did know as her own based on some of the details and personality traits I described.

It was such an amazing reading for her and a learning experience for me.

Note to self: Always ask if the sitter is adopted before starting a reading.

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