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  • Donna Frasca

How Can I Choose What Is For My Highest Good?

Today's Angel Message comes from Archangel Gabriel. How Can You Choose What Is For Your Highest Good?

“How do you use your filter? By filter I mean the things that you allow in and the things you need to release. These are not emotions but energies.

How Can I Choose What Is For My Highest Good

When it comes to the stories you write, there are certain words that you leave out because they just don't fit your expression. You use your 'filter' when it comes to the words you choose so the point of your story can be understood the way you intended it to.

When it comes to speaking, there are words you leave out because some words can be hurtful, harsh or just taken the wrong way. You use your 'filter' to decided which words are best when you speak.

When it comes to life, are you using your filter or are you just going for it and doing it all?

The human body was not designed to 'do it all.' Here, you need to use your filter and only do that which resonates with you and that which your body has energy for. Doing too much will result in a tired, spent body. This can be an open portal for sickness and low vibrational emotions for your body to be assessable to.

How can you use your filter? Only do what is on the list for your highest good. Where and what is that? That will be the things that you want to do in life that make you shine, make you happy. They reside in your soul, in your heart - not your head. When you do the things in life that come from your heart and at a pace where those energies flow freely, THAT is when you will be living in your highest good.

I am not saying not to do as much as you can in life here, this message is about how many things you do and how you choose those 'things in life' to be top priority on your list.

Use your filter. Look into your soul and see that spot that shines the most and bring it out, live that first. When you do you'll feel the energy works well with you and in your life - without resistance and with ease. Find your filter and trust it.“ Thank you Archangel Gabriel <3

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