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  • Donna Frasca

What Type of Reading Should I Get?

Chakra Reading? Angel Reading? Mediumship Reading? Coffee Ground Reading? So many to choose from yet ALL the connections are the same - through Spirit.

Readings by Donna Frasca, Psychic Medium

I'm still redesigning this blog so if you happen to find an image in cyberspace (after finding out more about me) with a broken link, it's an old Wordpress sight. All those posts will be coming over here eventually, one by one.

Meanwhile, I'm glad that you're here and my services are the same - connecting with Spirit.

As we approach the Full Moon phase (my favorite to do readings) I'm going to take appointments for readings. Oh and the New Moon phase as well. Those are the two times a month where my connection to Spirit is the strongest.

Which type of reading are you drawn to?

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