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Lucid Dreams: How Can You Tell If It’s Real of If You’re Dreaming?

Everyone dreams. Whether you can remember your dreams or not is a different story. This story, is about the dreams you try to forget.

To begin with, let me just tell you what a lucid dream is for those of you who don't know yet. In a nutshell, it's a dream that is so real that you think it's actually happening but the key element in a Lucid dream is that you can control them.

Like a diamond for example. Sometimes you look at a ring and wonder, is that a real diamond or a CZ? Some of the CZ's are so beautiful and so perfect that they are hard to tell the difference from the real thing. The same goes for Lucid dreams.

In a Lucid dream you can chase away all the monsters, out run a train or fly high above the clouds. It's an awareness of the fact that you are in a dream and better yet, knowing that you can change it and do whatever you want in your dream.

As avid Lucid dreamer myself, I look sometimes forward to these dreams knowing that it's like a movie and I'm the Director so I play whatever role I want to and change the script as I please. However, even though you can change a dream once your in it, sometimes it takes a few minutes to realize you are indeed dreaming and that can be scary.

A bad guy is chasing me? No problem. Either I beat the crap out of him or just fly way up high into the universe where no one can get me.